Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well, so far I am waiting to receive my letter of invitation so that I can finally apply for my visa. It will certainly be a rush job, considering that I am supposed to leave on Sept. 9th. I have already had to change my flight date from Sept. 5th so I would have more time for my visa. Sigh, this has been one really strange summer. Now that it is almost time for me to leave, I'm finding my days and nights to be full of angst, waiting, stress, headaches, anticipation of loss. Sometimes I think about those first steps that I will have to take alone once I get in the airport, and almost cry. Even though I need to leave this catharsis ridden state, doing so also means leaving behind a lot of people that I've come to love and will miss greatly.

Trying to work on packing my stuff up-seeing what I need to get rid of and what I want to take. Two suitcases does not seem like much of anything to be taking to be starting a life in another country. :(

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