Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wow, I just witnessed the most amazing typical Russianness in the entire world! I was shopping at the grocery store and was third in the checkout line. Typical busy night with all the lines full and me with only 2 items. The man in front of me had put all of his items on the checkout counter while waiting for the woman in front of him to pay. The cashier accidentally took two of his items and rang them out with the woman's items. Now, instead of just deleting the two accidental items and making this a completely simple and carefree encounter, she starts arguing with the man, seemingly to yell at him about why in the sensical universe he would ever put his items down for her to mistakenly pick up and scan. Then, she starts yelling at the woman to just pay for said mistaken items, which, of course, leads the woman to start yelling at the cashier as to why she is being so difficult and retarded. The cashier then takes money from the man to pay for the two items. But the woman is not having any of it and just looks completely annoyed and pissed off and keeps arguing with the cashier. Finally, the woman just walks off leaving her bad of groceries at the counter!! Hahahahaahahah. Of course, I had to stand there for the whole ordeal with only 2 items. Then, of course, instead of just cancelling the whole transaction, the cashier has to handwrite all the items down and get her manager to delete the former transactions items. Wow. Это России!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Moscow, so far

Moscow, yeah, the place of dreams for awhile now. Studying Russian for 2 years, trying to figure out the culture before I come here; it all seems for naught. There is no magic here for me. After getting through some bad culture shock and establishing a fairly stable routine here, I find that I am getting the same dolrums that I had in Ohio. I have not escaped my ennui, only broadened it's range to now include Moscow freaking Russia. So, it seems that I have to keep running to other places to find somewhere that interests me. It almost seems like a waste. However, this is pretty far from the truth because I had to remove myself from that poisonous environment in order to get a clear perspective on what I want. If I had stayed in America, I would have only succeeded in putting myself more into debt and would have bought more gadgets that I have no real need for. Living here has at least helped me to realize that I was not living in any kind of way that was healthy. My way of thinking was tainted. I finally have the time to "relax" and find some perspective on my life, rather than running around like a crazy person working and studying. Now that I can finally live in the now, instead of only looking forward to the "glorious" future I have awaiting me, I can get a grip on what I truly value instead of things that I merely desire. Sigh, but where to go from now....