Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bringing sexy back

Thinking I might start blogging again because there is so much fucked up shit that I have to deal with daily in Russia that I need an outlet. One example, the other week, I thought I would take a nice relaxing trip to the grocery store. While I was standing in front of the nut section, this dumb cunt came over with her cart and wheeled it right up to me. Not like half a foot away from me or some normal respectable distance from my body, but literally until the cart was touching my body. I turned to her, since she was basically invading my body space and kind of assaulting me expecting some sort of apology or for her to move her cart....but nooooo, of course not. This dumb bitch basically was bullying me away from the nut section instead of just waiting for me to make my choice and move away, like a normal respectable person would. And what did my dumb cunt face do? Did I yell at her, or refuse to move?! No, I moved away like a pussy (because to be honest, I was done with this section and was just looking for the sake of looking) and swore at them in English. Then I pushed my way against her cart when I was moving past them. My biggest problem is that this is not some totally isolated incident here-this happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME. People here just don't give a shit about other people and will push you and violate your personal space and really don't see anything wrong with it. It just makes me conclude that Russian people are some of the most socially dumb people in the world and I wouldn't mind pulling their pants down and spanking all of them with metal, studded paddles. As much as I do like being here because of the many advantages I get from it, the disadvantages make me feel like I'm not even a human being and most days I want to just fucking scream my lungs out at people for how ignored and pushed around I feel.